Reusable Outdoor Protective Mask - Black

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✔ Best Comfortable Fit Air Mask

✔ Full Nose and Mouth Cover Maximum Protection

✔ General Smog, Allergens, Air Pollution Protection

✔ Extremely Lightweight Put and Forget

✔ Washable and Reusable

Life Cycle: Can be used for more than one to two years. Change the filter every 30 days. Depends on situations if used frequently or used in severe smog area.  (Change immediately if the filter is damaged or turns black)

Odor: Mask is made of neoprene. Normal to have an odour. May take out the filter and soak it in warm water for 15mins and use it after dry in ventilation. An activated carbon filter cannot be washed. 

Size: Adjustable, Free Size

Material: SBR Nylon Filter

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